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Our founder

Roxanne Namaki

Maiyo is a London based lifestyle brand founded by Roxanne Namaki-Lakani. Roxanne’s love for fashion grew from a very young age and led her to explore the world, so she could appreciate different cultures, fabrics, colours and patterns. After spending a long summer in Brazil exploring the various cities, her love for swim and beachwear grew. Her background in fashion marketing and design and honouring her skills at fashion houses Net-A-Porter, Moschino and Harrods, this helped her to find her target and the gap she wanted to fill.

Roxanne has always loved mixing her wardrobe with matching the old with the new. Being a big vintage hunter and although appreciating the beauty of clothes being past through the years, the continuous issue of 'does this come in more sizes?'

Starting with swimwear...

Using the ultimate strip back, crochet. Crochet is the perfect rawness of fabrics as it is a uniform and ancient form of knitting, and Maiyo is here to bring it back in style! Embracing her curves the aim of creating designs that fit all sizes. Roxanne explains ‘Maiyo is about making a woman feel their best whilst on a beach in their bikini (hopefully sipping rosey) The effortless shapes and simple colours make it the perfect slip on bikini.’

All Maiyo's products are handmade in Vietnam by a talented group of artisan women with fine sustainable Japanese yarn and lining keeping their shape and hold. Some pieces can take up to 60 hours to make! Sustainability is a big part of Roxanne’s mission, using stripped back raw materials and finding ways to add accessories to ensure it stays current. Each collection her aim is to grow her knowledge of the materials needed and how to improve and minimise the impact on our environment. Her aim is to create timeless shapes and styles that ensure they last in your wardrobe for years to come.